Watch Our One Minute Introduction to SmarterPics Photography Classes,  Lansing, Michigan

Welcome to SmarterPics where we offer classes in digital photography in Lansing, Michigan. We include DSLR, Point and Shoot and even cell phone cameras. 

Do you want to learn how to make great photos intentionally? Would you like to have creating photos less frustrating and more fun? Are you beyond being a "picture taker?"

We offer a broad range of classes for all levels of digital photographers.

  • The classes are short, usually two hours.
  • Classes are small, usually 5-10 students. There is lots of times for hands on learning and questions.
  • Any kind of camera equipment regardless of style or brand is welcome
  • Broad range of topics ranging from brand new camera owners, to more experienced.
  • We learn hands on. We are located in Old Town and spend a good part of classes learning how to take great photos by actually taking them!

Please take one minute and watch the Intro Video to the left and then click on the General Class Information button in the navigation button above and select the Calendar to browse the wide range of classes we are offering over the next 90 days for all levels of photographers.

Thanks for stopping by. We hope to see you in class soon! Be sure to tell your friends you found us.