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Mark Chamberlin

Mark Chamberlin – Director

Mark Chamberlin, our Director, started SmarterPics in Portland, Oregon in 2006. His wife was transferred to Lansing, MI in 2010 where he resumed business immediately.

He has worked in the photography field since starting his first studio in 1977.  His career drifted into adult education for about 15 years up until 2006. So when he was laid off a training position, he decided to do the two things he is most passionate about, photography and training.

He has enjoyed a very wide range of honors, awards and publications for his work over the years. More importantly he has taken thousands of portraits and hundreds of weddings along with a very diverse range of commercial and corporate assignments. He has traveled throughout N. America, Mexico, the Bahamas and Eastern and Western Europe.

We also use other instructors who share his passion for photography and helping people of all abilities master the craft.

If you want to see more of Mark’s work, he is a Flickr fan. He also has a Studio Website, Chamberlin Photography, as well as a site for his Sports Photography, GoForIt Photo (they photograph a series of “Mud Runs” throughout the U.S.) And of course check out FaceBook for some personal photos or the SmarterPics Facebook Page for regular tips and insights on creating great photos intentionally.