Class Information

People Learn By Doing!

We offer classes in Lansing Michigan on the topic of Digital Photography.  It doesn’t matter what style or brand of IMG_7648-33camera you own or how serious you are about it. As long as you enjoy taking photos, we want to help it make that much more enjoyable for you.

You can spend hours reading a manual or listening to a YouTube tutorial. But until someone actually shows you how it’s done on your camera and then walks you through doing it…. several times… do you really start to understand and LEARN!

We keep our classes short. Most of our classes run for two hours in the evening. We do offer a 6 hour workshop on the weekend for our more comprehensive classes like Basics.  We know you don’t have ten weeks to commit to a class.

The Grand River

The Grand River

Mark Chamberlin, our director, has 15 years of experience as an adult educator in corporate and college classrooms. He also opened his first photo studio in 1978. He is both an experienced professional educator and working professional photographer.

We allow lots of time for taking photos in our awesome Old Town Lansing neighborhood. Go over to our Calendar  page to get more information on upcoming classes. This list changes every month. Join us on Facebook for updates on class schedules and frequent FREE tips and tricks. And I am sure you have some friends who would like to know about us too.

How to Pay

We take payment by either cash, check or card at the start of each class session.