Find Us

708 E. Grand River, Lansing, MI
(This is the Devon Storage Admin Building)

GPS WARNING! Your GPS will get you close, but they have been known to provide some odd directions the last 100–200 yards. Refer to our directions here. The office door is facing E. Grand River

We are just East of Old Town Lansing, inside the Devon Self Storage administration building.

Coming from Larch/Cedar streets…

  1. Head up E. Grand River away from Old Town.
  2. You will cross a RR Track
  3. Imediately after the track on your right is a cyclone fenced parking lot.
  4. Pull into the lot and park.
  5. If you show up after 6PM, you will need a Keycode for the gate.
  6. The key code is:

    2 4 4 6 * (don’t forget the asterisks symbol)

  7. Go back out the way you came into the lot, turn right and you will be in front of the office building.
  8. Go in the front door. (Use the same keycode if locked)
  9. I will be waiting for you inside the first door on the right. The meeting room.

From E. Lansing:

  1. Follow your GPS to the point where you see the large White Spanish style building on your right.
  2. We are in the Devon Self Storage office building across the street.
  3. Pull into the fenced parking lot just past the building and before the RR tracks.
  4. If you are there after 6 PM use the gate key code:

2 4 4 6 * (don’t forget the asterisks symbol)

5. Walk back out the driveway, turn right and you will be in front of the building entrance.

Come on in! I will be in the first room on your right.

( Call Mark at 517-897-4172 in case of confusion. )

Please print this page and take it with you! Or send the link to your cell phone. 



Map to Classroom

Map to Classroom

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