Real estate listings are visually competitive. You HAVE to have photos of a property that stand out and are compelling if you want to turn that shopper into a buyer. 

You are highly skilled and well trained in the sales process for real estate. But are you skilled and highly trained at creating great photos of your listing that will stand out in the visually competitive listing services? This is where we can help. We offer a broad range of services to help meet your needs and the needs of your sales team in your office.

See our Class Calendar for upcoming Webinars on:

  • Intro to Real Estate Photography
    You have to have great photos to get the attention of today’s buyer. The photos have to grab their attention and create interest and excitement about the key features.
  • Advanced Lighting for Realtors 
    The lighting in both interiors and exteriors of homes can be difficult to record sometimes. This class will give you some pro tips for getting better results
  • Basic Photo Editing for Realtors
    Listing photos have to POP! They can’t be mediocre if you expect them to catch a buyer’s attention. Doing some simple editing is the key.

Your Office: 
We can come to your meeting room and offer our classes. We also offer customization of our content to fit specific needs of your realtors including types of listings and photography equipment.

At Your Listing Location
The best way to learn is for the instructor to meet a group of realtors at a new listing and walk them through the process of photographing it! They get hands on, on location training and experience. This is the BEST way to learn. (Typically 1-2 hours.)

We will travel to any location in Mid Michigan. Contact us for more information on classes delivered at your location or other custom requests.