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So that’s what all those knobs and dials do! Thanks, Mark.



I travel a lot. Mark helped me understand how to get much better photos.

Karen G.

Travel Agency

Great class! Just what I needed to get me acquainted with my new camera and how to take a better picture. Small class size. Would recommend to anyone!

Jake S.


Why did I wait so long to take this class? I dreaded picking up my camera. Now I can’t wait!

Terry N.


I’ve read all the manuals. The way Mark explained things and then let me try stuff really helped it stick. I just might get it now.

Iva L

IT Professional

The small class was great. Mark was patient and knowledgeable in answering all my crazy questions.

Carla K.


I could never get a sunset or snow photos right. Mark’s insights have helped me understand why. I can’t wait for the next beautiful sunset.

Liza W.

I just couldn’t get a clear shot of my kids playing sports. NOW I understand the mistakes I was making.

Tara Z.

MSU Biology

Got an amazing camera for my Birthday but was still taking bad shots. That’s all going to change now!

Sammy B.


The Basics Workshop was the perfect class for me. It really filled in a lot of gaps in my understanding. I love Mark’s classes.

Gale H.


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Great class! Just what I needed to get me acquainted with my new camera and how to take a better picture. Small class size, would recommend to anyone!

Will be going back, positive experience.

Very informative!

Very informative and enjoyable. My daughter and I learned a lot.

Mark presents a good class. Plan to go back.

Very pleased with the service. I will be back to take more classes.

I plan on returning to SmarterPics for more education in the near future. The class was well worth the money.

Great class! Can’t wait to take another class!

This is exactly what we have been looking for; we’re hoping to gain a good understanding of good photography skills so that we can have at least one hobby that we do as a couple.

Very nice introduction to DSLR cameras. I’m new at this and this class was very informative. Thanks!

This is the first Photography Class I have taken. I thank Mark for making it fun. I went to Preus after the class and made the water stop! Thank You Mark

Lots of good information!!

Very good class – definitely worth the money.

Definitely plan to return.

This was a great class to help learn the basics of my DSLR. Hopefully I can take better photos now! Thanks Mark.

I learned a great deal in just 2 hours. Will be coming back for another class.

Thanks for a great class. Looking forward to the next one.

Great class…Thanks

Enjoyed the class & look forward to doing more!

They are very friendly and informative!

This class far exceeded my expectations. It was such a small investment compared to my camera and dramatically improved my understanding of basic photography skills and camera features. I will definitely be signing up for the “buttons and knobs” class!

Very friendly and helpful.

Thank you Mark and Dave!! In a quick 2 hour course I learned more than I could have ever expected. Looking forward to future classes.

It was a pretty good class, although i wish we had spent a little less time on the care & maintenance of the camera and a little more time on actually using the camera. Overall though it was a good class. I’m considering taking one of the other classes.

Looking forward to taking additional classes with Mark.

Class was useful, though a bit basic (which is all it claimed). I plan to sign up for more classes.

Very helpful teacher. I learned much in the short 2 hour class.

Mark is very good at what he does in teaching basics for “mommarazzi’s”. Very personable. Would definitely go back for more classes

Great job! I can’t wait to take the basics series.

The instructor was very informative and nice…also funny and interesting. An planning to take the series course next.